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Cristina Pedroche, literally in balls, to promote the Chimes next week

"Then they will say that I go in balls". These are the words that accompany the photo that the presenter uploaded yesterday Cristina Pedroche to promote the bells that will take place next week at the Puerta del Sol. It has already become a classic, transparencies and fabrics that leave no room for imagination they have made the audience of the chain where she works shoot on that special day and she does not hesitate to get the maximum juice possible.

But this time, the pun It has made thousands of people share their photo in balls and that is never better. This time we see the presenter completely wrapped in Christmas balls golden, red, blue and silver colors, creating a mini dress in the purest style Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. And it is that these days is not the first time we see her like this, just a few hours ago we have been able to see her only with a giant black feather skirt, which Paz Vega already wore in the 2017 Goya.

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