9 simple tips to fight obesity (and sedentary lifestyle) from experts

Today, October 11 is the World Day against Obesity, a true scourge of modern societies that endangers the health of millions of people. Therefore, we want to give a series of tips for fight against this big problem of great proportions, lead a more active life, leaving behind sedentary lifestyle, and all this from the hand of Freeletics professionals.

Obesity and sedentary lifestyle, the two big problems to attack

In WHO's own words "Obesity has reached epidemic proportions worldwide, and at least 2.8 million people die every year due to obesity or being overweight." In fact, to give you an idea, Spain is the second country in Europe, after the United Kingdom, with more obese, reaching figures of up to 25%, and this despite the fact that we can boast one of the best diets that exist in the world such as the Mediterranean diet.

The main cause of obesity is the imbalance between calories consumed and spent, so precisely sedentary lifestyle It is one of the main factors involved in the matter, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer or diabetes.

Yes, lack of physical activity leads to sedentary lifestyle and, therefore, it can end up leading to obesity, so it is time to start moving and improve our health accordingly.

Thus, the Freeletics fitness specialist John Francis Kennedy says clearly ...

Sport helps maintain body weight, is positive for our mental health, improves flexibility and physical endurance as well as the mobility of our joints. In addition, it is also beneficial to reduce stress because our body releases endorphins when we exercise.

Thus, the play sports and having an active lifestyle helps us not only to be better physically but to be healthier and happier, which is what life consists of.

9 tips to fight obesity and sedentary

John Francis Kennedy makes us bet on any type of exercise since all will be good for health but, without a doubt, it is better to bet on those that are most comfortable for us and adapt more to us, from walking, to training in gyms or with applications such as Freeletics that provide us with a virtual coach to carry out the activity at any time.

And entering into matter, it is precisely from Freeletics that they encourage us to follow these tips to be active on a daily basis:

  • Take care of food and eat a balanced diet. At this point we must insist a lot since it is crucial. Bet on varied diets, in which we eat everything, always betting on fruits and vegetables, fresh seasonal products and taking care of the amounts. Caring for food, fundamentally, We will also control our weight.
  1. Perform physical exercise several times a week. In the fight against sedentary lifestyle, doing sports several days a week is the key. And it is that it will not only help us burn calories, improve our physical appearance, but also on the mental level because sport causes us to generate the so-called happiness hormones, as we mentioned.
  2. Drink 2 liters of water. You have to stay hydrated, which is also essential to look prettier skin, so at this point it will not only help us control appetite (we often confuse thirst with hunger, wherever you see it), but also It will help our whole body function better. In addition, the recommendation also goes through drink from a glass instead of a bottle, and all this is so that we get up every time we have to fill it.
  1. Avoid fast food, canned or precooked. This point is basic. We know that the processed and ultraprocessed are always more palatable, but they are one of the main sources of obesity, so say yes to the fresh foods you buy in the market for a lifetime and discard those of the super. Equally, Avoid alcohol to the fullest.
  2. Walk an extra distance. It is a way of moving and exercising without hardly realizing it. Simple gestures such as getting off a stop before public transport or going to work on foot, will already help us park something away from work, or get off a stop before public transport, to walk the last section.
  3. Try to stand up once every hour, or work standing for a while. It is true that we spend too many hours sitting during our eternal working hours. Being in front of the computer takes much of the time and, therefore, we are inactive for too long. Therefore, what better way to get up from time to time or Take advantage, for example, phone calls for a walk. It seems not, but if you receive several calls on the day, and you get up with all of them walking a few steps at a time, you will add steps to your day.
  4. Exchange emails for conversations. This recommendation that the experts transfer to us, I have to confess that I love it, especially because in addition to moving from side to side, it also fosters personal relationships.
  1. Make an abdominal iron when you wake up in the morning. Yes, it can be very useful since we will not only be waking up and activating our body, but it will help us activate our core zone, our abdominal area. Put on challenges to endure a little more each morning and you will see how in a few weeks you endure the odd minute while toning and formalizing.
  2. If you want to do a series marathon all afternoon, spend 10 minutes on exercises such as squats, strides, abs or jumps while you watch. This advice may be a bit "killer", but the truth is that if you look at it objectively, if we do a marathon of several consecutive chapters, it means that we will not move for several hours, so we must encourage movement. So we will always comply with a few minutes of activity while the next chapter begins.

Now it is up to you to start moving and fight obesity.

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