Emmys 2018: our 7 favorite beautys looks of the night

The night of Emmys 2018 has left us with many beauty proposals on the red carpet, which we can use to get inspired. From collected full of color and very sophisticated pigtails to mane that do not go unnoticed. Not to mention pristine and trendy makeups. They are our favorite of the night, with some looks beauty totally stellar.

Penelope Cruz

The Spanish actress was among the last to reach the red carpet. But when he did, we didn't mind waiting, because his style was a real dream. But also, she accompanied her chanel with a look beauty very vintage and elegant, thanks to that 50's style ponytail with toupee. If we add to that makeup nude with a marked look, in an absolute yes.

Scarlett Johansson

The actress of Avengers It has been one of the brightest of this red carpet. Not only for her beautiful dress, but for that sophisticated and glamorous makeup that demonstrates the power of glitter. Scarlett has opted for a eyeliner very elegant classic, which has combined with matching golden shadow with his mane. This, in turn, is perfectly wavy in the 20's style. In short, it is beautiful.

Jessica Biel

We love the simplicity and simplicity of your look beauty and how he defended it in a thousand wonders. Because Jessica Biel has not gotten too complicated and has chosen a natural look washed face style. No shadows, no eyeliner or just a mask. Of course, it has given the round touch with those pink trend lips and its wavy mane with wicks balayage.

Emilia Clarke

Daenerys Targaryen has not been the best dressed, but her makeup and hairdressing were ten. Because the actress has abandoned the platinum blonde she shared with her alter ego for a more brown and natural tone. Further, she has boasted perfectly designed eyebrows, who take all the prominence. A lot of mask to highlight your eyes and a shadow highlighter, which made it impossible to stop looking at her.

Evan Rachel Wood

Of rigorous black, the look beauty The actress has been responsible for bringing color to her style. And often color! Because Evan Rachel Wood has opted for a very elegant dramatic makeup, with a mask and burgundy lips. But when he turned, he earned hundreds of points to his style, thanks to that multicolored floral headdress tilted That has looked. Divine

Poppy Delevingne

It could be Twiggy herself, but it's about the socialite British in its most sixties version. Because Poppy Delevingne has chosen a ponytail bubble special, changing the transparent rubber bands for black velvet ties. To this has been added tons of eyeliner and bluish shadows, very retro and flattering.

Joey king

The 19-year-old takes the most makeup award glamorous of the night. Why it looks like a red carpet hollywoodiense from the 50'swith that look gold So perfectly outlined. If we add that matte lipstick, eyebrows combed to the millimeter and that semi-collected so sweet, we say yes!

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