The new Google application wants to brighten our lives but not Mr. Wonderful style

The new functionality of Google Assistant He wants to make our day. Therefore, Your assistant will give us good news when we tell you Hey Google, tell me something good. But we do not mean to give us "happy" news, but news of real problems with solutions to those problems.

If we talk about information, we cannot deny that there is also an excess of information. "Today we are consuming more news than ever, and sometimes, it may seem that there are only problems," Google summarizes why this new functionality. It aims to "balance" the good news with the bad news, making it easy for the user to find them easily, with its new voice command.

An example of some of the news he will show us is how beekeepers in eastern Detroit recover the declining population of bees while boosting the local economy, or how the University of Georgia uses big data to bridge the gap between white students and of color and decrease school dropout.

"Solutions journalism strengthens and energizes the public, which helps to combat the negative fatigue of the news," says Google.

The news will come from a wide range of media, which will be filtered and studied by the Solutions Journalism Network. This organization (without political affiliation and non-profit) wants to change journalism one of solutions. Thus, they choose news focused on how to solve problems and thus improve situations, rather than what is the problem.

How does it work?

“Simply say Hey Google, tell me something good to receive a brief summary of news about people who are solving problems for our communities and our world, ”explains Google. As simple as that. Can be used on any assistant enabled device, for example on the phone, Smart Display or Google Home.

At the moment it is an experiment that is being carried out in the US, but The American company aspires to also introduce these changes in Google News. We will have to wait to have it in Spain, but we love that we want to change the point of view for a more optimistic one, one of solutions, without falling into false optimisms that hide the problems.

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