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Ashley Graham or how is it possible to wear a bold guest look while pregnant

Since Ashley Graham announced that she was waiting for her first baby, her presence at tag events has been counted on only one hand. With the New York Fashion Week in full swing, the model has not hesitated to show us another bold look to show that pregnant women can bet on original styles, elegant and perfect, inspiring thousands of future moms in your next events (and guest looks).

On the occasion of the party Harper's Bazaar Icons 2019 held in the Big Apple (and organized by Carine Roitfield), the model has not hesitated to show her new silhouette demonstrating that there is nothing to stop her touch perfection betting on a bold and original style. It seems that he has prepared to break with the stereotypes that surround pre-mom fashion and after triumphing with a latex styling signed by Vex Clothing -which did not go unnoticed in anyone's eyes-, now teaches us how to bring transparency with this design of 16Arlington.

Black, with lace and fancy feathers on the bottoms, Ashley spiced this look with a jewel-headband (one of the star accessories of the season) and simple sandals of strips of the same color.

Video: Ashley Graham Directs Women In Their First Lingerie Shoot. Glamour (January 2020).