We celebrate the arrival of summer by filling our nails with paradisiacal palm trees: the fashion nail art!

When summer arrives, everything in our styles is put in "welcome" mode. The colors of our looks they light up, the makeup is lightened and the feet come out to take the fresh one with the most incredible sandals. Did you think our manicure was going to stay out of this game? None of that, you dress with the most paradisiacal landscapes and tropical palms more molonas. We give you one thing: they are the most millennial what's up.

Palms and pink skies are responsible for decorating our hands this summer season. However, these prints can be excessive for the most classic ones that need a little transition between the French manicure and the most original of the moment. Therefore, paint the palm trees on a single fingernail It is an ideal solution that gives a different touch without being very striking.

If the palm trees are excessive, even taking them only on a nail, go to their leaves! Instead of drawing the whole tree with enamel, you can design some of your sheets with a look very hawaiian reminiscent of prints trend more summers. Will you carry warmth and good weather in your hands?

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