23 fringe earrings to wear this summer. Zara, Mango, Uterqüe, H & M ... we propose them that ideal

The fringe earrings they are sweeping! They have undoubtedly become the most striking accessory of our street-style Striking designs, full of color and perfect to make the difference of a summer style. Sophisticated pieces with an ethnic touch that are undoubtedly Fashion earrings


Fringed-lined hoops, maxi long fringe earrings, long models that mix jewel and beaded fringed applications, and even pieces of crochet ideal to give a touch of color to outfits day and night, since you can wear them for 24 hours.

  • Hoop earrings with green and yellow fringes 49 euros
  • Maxi black earrings with blue stone and golden link 39 euros

Agatha Paris

The most stylish models are accompanied by golden or silver details, which give it a more sophisticated touch, ideal to also wear with a look of guest.

  • Earrings with colored fringes with gold and silver rosette 42.00 euros


Fringe earrings are the most rhythm pieces of our closet. While providing sophistication to a style such as metallic fantasy designs, they are also fun if we talk about multicolored proposals.

  • Crochet earrings and yellow fringes 12.95 euros
  • Earrings with black and white beads and black fringes 12.95 euros
  • Gold fringe earrings 12.95 euros


  • Maxi powder pink earrings 5 euros
  • Long earrings with golden half flower detail 6 euros
  • Black and gold earrings 4 euros
  • Red earrings 4 euros
  • Multicolored fringe earrings 4 euros


  • Klein blue earrings with tassels 9.99 euros
  • Garnet earrings with tassels 9.99 euros
  • Black earrings with tassels 9.99 euros
  • Fuchsia long earrings 12.99 euros


  • White earrings with brown rhinestones 9.99 euros
  • Black and white earrings with golden details 12.95 euros
  • White fringed half moon earrings 12.99 euros


  • Lilac earrings with five fringe tassels 20 euros
  • Red fringe maxi earrings 12 euros
  • Yellow round earrings 17 euros


  • Turquoise earrings 4 euros

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