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In the purest style 'The devil wears Prada': an Instagram account collects real horror stories in the fashion world

Yes, we knew that behind the movie's story (based on the best-seller with the same name) The newspaper wears Prada There was a real experience. And that Miranda Pristley in the background was you know who. And that Lauren Weisberger, the journalist who narrated your real experience in the fashion world, I wasn't exaggerating at all.

And still and we have all been obnoxious when we discovered the Instagram account @fashionassistants, the place where those who occupy the last step of the fashion industry can let off steam by counting the nightmare who live according to the demands and demands of the divas and divas that we have heard so much about.

"Hunting broken dreams". That is the motto that we can read on the main Instagram page of the @fashionassistants account. Its objective is to encourage all those people who work as helpers, fellows, assistants and a long etcetera or the "don nadies" of the fashion industry to share their stories about abuses and impossible demands.

@fashionassistants is anonymous and was created as a memes account in December of last year, but in recent days it has taken an unexpected turn and has become the receptacle of complaints from inmates and assistants of the fashion industry, the ideal place to report the abuses they suffer in their day a business day

The creators of the account receive direct messages of the victims and, after covering the most private details such as names and brands, publish all the stories on Instagram. The reason is that they do not want to accuse, name and embarrass the protagonists but contribute to the existence of a change of attitude in the fashion world.

It was on February 13, 2018 when they published a post inviting all their followers to share their stories, with the idea of ​​making a collection of anecdotes that show the dark side of the industry, as well as how demoralizing and sad it was to try to make a hollow from below at all. And from what we have been able to read in the different anecdotes (and in the selection we have published here), they have succeeded.

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