Desigual and Jean-Paul Goude launch their first campaign together and it's crazy and pure art!

Pure madness and pure art! This is the Spring-Summer 2018 campaign of Desigual, the first in collaboration with Jean-Paul Goude, the versatile creator who signed the firm as its artistic director a few months ago. Desigual starts with this collection a new era in which the artistic sense is enhanced more than ever with an exuberant creativity.

The famous French designer, illustrator, filmmaker and photographer, brings to the art category the essence of street-style Unequal With this campaign they star in the garments that best define the essence of the firm and in which cultural diversity, originality and humor are the protagonists. Exotic garments, flowers, dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits ... companion to the designs.

The campaign consists of four images: three corresponding to the Desigual collection, which are a tribute to the brand's classics such as mosaics, its exotic universe and a lot of color. The fourth image of the campaign is a look of the capsule Desigual Couture, created by Jean-Paul Goude (last photo).

In Jared | Desigual Spring-Summer 2018: a collection full of mixtures pure madness!