A good agenda, the key to bloggers to keep their likes

It all started as a hobby. Those girls who, since childhood, had been fascinated by the fashion world, began to upload their newly released blogs their looks more daring. They were gradually gaining followers, notoriety and influence. And so, in a matter of a few years, his hobby became in his full time dedication... and at your source of income.

It is the case of names that today sound strongly in the simpar and without borders the internet world, such as Dulceida or Lovely Pepa, two of the greatest national exponents in the blogger sector. The story, so told, sounds like fairy tale: a girl dreams of succeeding in fashion, demonstrates to the world that it serves for that without leaving her hometown, the universe fashion falls in love with her and our protagonist makes her fantasy come true.

Behind all the success stories, in addition to a bit of luck and that long-awaited je ne sais quoi that some enjoy, there are hours of dedication

But the movie is not so simple. Behind all the success stories, in addition to a bit of luck and that desired je ne sais quoi which some enjoy, there are hours of dedication, an effort to always be up to date with the latest trends, a well organized agenda and finally, a connection that never fails wherever they go. Fortunately they have a weapon that makes their lives easier: 4G data rates such as Lowi, easily customizable, which allows them to spend the whole day with a "little leg" in Instagram.

How a hobby becomes a profession

Because, when the followers grew up and the bloggers stormed in that 'fashion circus', as journalist Suzy Menkes baptized him, Internet users were not the only ones who fell in love with what are now called influencers. Fashion brands saw in these figures a new, modern, current showcase and very close to its potential buyers.

Little by little, they began to hire them to star in campaigns, to invite them to events, to launch with them actions on-line, to encourage them to create capsule collections ... and your chores list skyrocketed. Therefore, both for veterans who already accumulate more than five years of experience in the world, as well as for newcomers - those who, in a blink of an eye, have gone from a few hundred to more than 500,000 followers- have a good agenda on-line Y offline It's fundamental.

Aida Domenech, that is, Dulceida, says she doesn't have an established routine because he spends most of his time traveling. But he says that, whenever he is at home, he organizes himself to make and edit photos and to record his videos (although that means a whole day without stopping filming content and changing costumes in between), which goes up every Wednesday to Your YouTube channel

She, with all the turnover generated around her name, no longer works alone. It has a team - in which its own mother is located - who has to direct and coordinate, for example, to organize events such as DulceWeekend, the music market-festival that has been running for two years.

That good time management is the key to not end up saturated in the sector. Silvia García, from the Bartabac blog, another of the Spanish pioneers of the world, recently said she has 9 years without vacations, with total dedication to their profession. But, not to lose the north, and as he teaches in his YouTube videos, keeping a place in the agenda for everyday tasks such as going to the market is essential.

A similar case is that of Sara Escudero, the girl behind Vintage collage, that travels the world chasing looks from street style that are most inspiring. Although his personal life and his work walk hand in hand (the influencers constantly show their social networks every day), ensures that he is able to work two hours and forget the rest of the day of the projects that are to come.

Being a blogger-influencer-instagramer is a full-time job, with many voices to hear and many open fronts to attend

Only then, taking advantage of every minute, these trend prescribers can meet the times agreed with the brands, read and respond to their followers -María Pombo says that, if one day does not connect, her followers claim her-, stay up to date on the catwalks and continue uploading your photos and videos so you don't lose your essence.

Why be blogger-influencer-instagramer It is a full time job, with many voices to hear and many open fronts to attend. So how do they get to everything and continue enjoying their profession? With passion for his work and, above all, an unbeatable internet connection.

Next to the fetish bag, an infallible connection is essential

You never thought about it? In a world created by and for the internet, extraordinary coverage and excellent browsing speed, such as those offered Lowi company, are essential things. Without them, the influencers they cannot upload to their Instagram, at the time and day they have committed to a signature, the photo in which they announce that they will be at the opening of a pop up store, for example.

Neither could make pineapple with your friends bloggers scattered throughout the world or show their followers, in their stories Instagram and in real time, the looks of each parade they attend. And the brands don't feel them in the front row because if.

Wherever they go, so many times invited by the most prestigious fashion firms, bloggers, mobile in hand, broadcast every step they take. For them, in addition, being connected all the time, generating content and serving their fans is the key to their success, their increase in followers and finally of likes. Can you imagine how complicated it would be without 4G? In this case, Lowi offers a connection between 50 and 150 Mps, with 99% coverage of the national territory.

In fact, on their YouTube channels, when they hang the already classic video of 'How is my day to day', most insist on how important the internet is for them and that, when they travel, the first thing they do is make sure they have access to the digital world.

Let's go to the clearest example: The Blonde Salad. The crew Chiara Ferragni, as she likes to call her team the 'blonde salad', has to work with different time zones and constant trips in between. How, if it were not with unlimited internet access, was the TBSCrew able to organize itself, which it has already achieved until it became other entity influencer?

For them, being connected all the time is the key to their success, their increase in followers and, finally, likes. Can you imagine how complicated it would be without 4G?

But bloggers are not the only ones that depend on the topically called network of networks. As for them, for fashion editors, internet is today your main work tool. With it you can follow the news of every fashion week, the latest looks of the celebs and the rumors that circulate on Twitter about new movements on the thrones of the firms. And, also thanks to the 2.0 world, they can tell all that to their readers from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Set alerts on hot topics and notifications to know when certain profiles publish new content; create Pinterest folders to store the most inspiring styles; Open favorite albums on Instagram to save photos that advertise the trends that will succeed in the coming weeks... They are some of the keys that, who tell what is the latest in the world fashionThey use to organize, keep up and not miss one.

With online purchases growing more and more, influencers become another element of the industry, the latest news of designers in the palm of the hand and a window to infinite inspiration on your screen ... Can you imagine fashion today without internet? Those who know more about this, bloggers and publishers, have it clear: impossible.

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