Recover from the excesses of summer with these 9 tricks

The passing of summer leaves us with a few kilos of more so hateful, a lack of motivation to train and a lack of control of meal times. Once you have enjoyed the coveted vacation days, it's time to go back to school. And what better way than recovering from excesses; write down these tips that I bring you

Give importance to breakfast

If you've never given it to them, it's time to start. A full breakfast has to cover a large percentage of the total energy of the day. It has to be composed for: fruit juice, skim milk with a pinch of coffee, piece of fruit, omelette and 1 or 2 whole-wheat toast with tomato and olive oil. Avoid sugary products as an industrial bakery and do not start your day without breakfast. As soon as you get up, it won't take you more than 10 minutes, it's worth believing me.

With that we have the enough vitamin almost all day and we make our body work to speed up metabolism and start burning fat. In addition to strengthen the immune system in front of the cold that awaits us of autumn and winter.

Find a place to play sports

We know that working hours are long and exhausting but you can do sports at night before going to bed. The sport at different times is not better or worse, rather it depends on the person. In the early morning, your body will be more activated for the rest of the day, instead at night, you will use up all your reserve energies and help you sleep better, but always a couple of hours before going to sleep, as minimum.

If you don't have time during the week, go for a run at night and on weekends you can look for another alternative activity such as pilates or the gym in your neighborhood, plus weekend rates tend to be lower. You have no excuse!

Make 5 meals a day

In summer we eat when we feel like it outside the schedule, and this is very good to disconnect but if you want to recover your health from now on we have to change the eating habits. The most It is advisable to make 5 meals a day, three main and two smaller. Do not let more than 3 hours pass between them, so your body will always spend energy for these digestions and also, if you organism goes hungry everything you eat will store it as fat, so we get the opposite effect.

I have already told you about the importance of breakfast at a previous point, the midday meal has to be the second strong of the whole day, and the light dinners (as I have told you before too). Mid morning and mid afternoonYou can have a yogurt and a piece of fruit, a few natural nuts, a juice and a whole wheat bread bar with cheese, sugars are prohibited! Forget about buns and pasta no matter how small they are. In vitónica they tell you very rich and varied ideas for your lunches.

Start over at the gym

We already know that you are one "sportadicta"and that you have only been without training during your vacation, but on a muscular level your body is relaxed, too. Therefore, forget the routine you had in the gym and start a few weeks with another readjustment. Basically, I work on machines or multi-articular exercises like squats, split, push press and a lot of cardiovascular work and in circuit work, about 15 repetitions with very short breaks. In about 3 or 4 weeks you can start a more advanced routine, be patient.

Recover light dinners

The beach bar tapas are over, it's time to start the feeding routine. To do this, manage the more abundant meals early In the morning and as the day progresses, it decreases in caloric content and quantity, leaving vegetables and salads for dinner.

With a light dinner you will sleep better and you will avoid bad digestions. If you want to know what to include in a dinner of this type, our friends directly to the palate give you some options.

Keep in mind the importance of salads in this last meal, and add tomatoes, tuna, other vegetables and whatever you can think of with a low caloric level. This can accompany you with boiled fish and a yogurt.

Change your sport or routine

If you haven't stopped exercising these summer days, it's time to give the body a change! You have many options: hire a personal trainer, talk to your gym coaches and tell them to change your routine, look for classes that motivate you and that you have never tried. The importance of changing habits will help your body see the benefits, you cannot keep the same training for a long time even if that makes you return to the unknown. And if your goals are the same, there are different ways to achieve them.

Take some time for yourself

It's time to be happy! Search one leisure activity you like: sport, sew, read, listen to music, watch movies, have sex, go for a walk… And dedicate it, at least, about 20 minutes every day. Scientifically, it is proven that by performing pleasant activities we release oxytocin, the pleasure hormone. It is not so hard to find that little time to feel happy. Take it as the prize for your hard day, make every day a time to be happy.

A good trick to get it is to make a schedule of the week. With this you will see at a glance what free time you have left for you.

Renew your closet

To be fashionable we love them all and it may not be expensive. Summer ends and autumn begins. Clean your closet and throw away what you don't wear for a long time, do you have any room left? ... Well, you're ready to shopping for new traps. Investigate the new collections in fashion and makeup and the new tendencies and reserve a few hours with your friends to "spend money" on seeing you more beautiful. Your life and your health will thank you.

Sleep enough

It seems obvious right? These days of vacations we have rested on a physical and mental level, we have "recovered" hours of sleep but that is over, isn't it? Sleeping the necessary hours is not everything, you have to have a good sleep quality, that is repairing. With this we get:

  • Reduce stress and get sick less
  • To be more active and mentally agile during the day and we will develop our work better
  • Better control of body weight.
  • To have better mood to favor social relations.

It's very easy to achieve our purpose, you just have to advance bedtime and if you find it difficult to fall asleep, take music, that book that you had parked and that you are looking forward to, take a relaxing bath and, above all, turn off your mobile phone and television, yes, you heard correctly! off, you will realize that it is not so important.

It is time to start the return to school on a very good foot, this is only a small help, the rest is up to you. From today it will not be so bad to return to the routine.

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