We sign the most ideal pink outline of Dulceida that we already want to copy

Last night the second part of 'Elite' was released, the Netflix series that so many followers won last year. As it could not be less, the event did not miss its protagonists who they went to the red carpet accompanied by many more famous and public figures. The fact is that we have noticed Dulceida and the outlined one who wore, A very cool option that is worth considering.

It's about a super simple two-color outlined but, at the same time, very resulton and that can give us a turnaround to our look with very little. As well told by Aida Domenech, aka Dulceida, through her stories from Instagram, he did it with a pink lipstick, so no mystery.

So, your thing would be to choose a lipstick waterproof, of those that seal well, and apply it with a beveled brush above the line of the upper lashes and extending it towards the temple. As a final touch, apply some black eyeliner on the base of the wing, to emphasize more the cataeye.

The result, as you can see, is highly recommended. Dulceida has left us a great look with very little since the rest of the look, with nude lips and semi-skin, little we could highlight, but without a doubt, has managed to give it a great twist.

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