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Help! My friends are pregnant and these are the nine things that are around my head

In all the groups of friends, that moment arrives. It may be earlier or a little late, but it arrives. It always arrives. The moment when all of a sudden they are all pregnant or are already mothers. All ... except you. Whether by personal conviction or because you are not at that point yet, the case is that, where the day before yesterday they talked about cocktails and parties, today they talk about bottles and parties… children. And you feel misplaced, your head starts working and a few crazy ideas are around you. Very Crazy.

Will I be wrong because I don't feel like it?

Very firm must be the antimaternity convictions of one so that this phrase does not attack us. Why don't I feel like it? Hey? Is it that I am wrong with mine? We were raised together, we have always wanted to do the same things, we wore the same damn Spice Girls t-shirt in adolescence, for God's sake ... And, now, everyone wants to have a baby except me. What's happening to me?

Oh God! I'm going to be alone

I don't feel like having children. Okay. I don't like children, in fact. Okay. But, Who will take care of me when I grow up and I have not been in charge of having a couple of children who owe me one? The children of my friends? I don `t believe. They throw the fruit porridge in my face when they see me. It does not look like in 50 years they feel like returning the play.

I'm going to die of envy when I see them with their babies

I spend all day buying gifts. That's how it is. Baby shower, birth, christening, several birthdays ... I don't complain, eye. That is, I do not complain about the expense. I complain about myself, that I can't help taking those dresses / little shoes / hats / blankets ... and I feel like it. Not exactly having a baby, but having someone to put them to. And I can't help thinking that the day we all get together and see them with their pregnancies, their babies and their children a little more grown up ... I'm going to die of envy.

I'm a freak of life because I don't envy seeing them with their babies

Then comes that day and ... no. I find everything very beautiful, but ... no. I get all the firm convictions about non-motherhood, I reaffirm myself joie de vivre no family responsibilities or bathroom schedules and I enjoy my role as tita single fun. But assuming I'm weird, yes.

Let's see if I'm not going to have someone to date now

Saturday night. 22.30. Seven calls later, all my friends have plans that do not include, or by all means, return at four in the morning with heels in hand. And now what am I supposed to do? Change friends? Become a new group to go out with at this point in life? I guess I will always have the option to use some transition friends until my friends' children are old enough to take them out to party. tita molona Or something like that.

Will they look over my shoulder?

I live in panic that the phrases begin with "is that if you are not a mother, you do not understand ...". And complete those ellipses with almost anything. They have produced a life, I barely have the capacity to set up an Ikea coffee table. If they do not look over my shoulder, it is because they are saints. And, on top of that, they know how to convert weeks-months and months-years without blinking.

There was a time in my life when I had a pregnant friend of 13 weeks, another of 27 and another of 31. And I, who am of closed letters, I swear I did not know if they were about to give birth or not yet I would notice the gut. And, after delivery, the same. What holy head should be said of a child who is "31 months"?

I'm afraid of my friends' babies

Yes, ladies. I, who believed me the coolest in the world, live terrified by some children who still do not control the sphincters. Because I feel like finishing the workday, throwing myself on the couch and throwing a phone. But, alas, what if the child is sleeping and my call wakes him up? In my non-mother's head, my friends spend the hours of their lives trying to sleep a child who does not give up and, when they finally get it, my call ends with that haven of peace. And my friends hate me. No way!

And even more scary when they are a little older

Fear does not happen to me when they grow up. No. On the contrary. Then I panic that my friends do not want their children to have me close. Panic that slips away in his presence, at that age when they are like absorbent sponges. Panic to see me take three rods on Tuesday's blow and lead them to an alcoholism without remedy. Panic to that of the tita single fun only mole in the movies. DREAD.

I always feel like I'm getting fatal

Another thing that scares me. Because, deep down, I fear that they end up hating me, when my friends are too busy with their lives to spend time on that. But I get stressed. They send photos of their children to WhatsApp I live and panic that in some of the shipments I forget to add the "how beautiful it is!" of rigor.

It already happened to me in pregnancies, when they complained that they had become tremendous. I never knew if I had to tell them that they didn't notice anything (I have friends of those who they reached the sixth month of pregnancy with Victoria's Secret model body that has drunk half a cane) or that they already had a tummy (and face that, in fact, he had called them fat). STRESS.

Jokes aside, motherhood is a momentous moment in the life of a group of friends. It will make us see each other less, that the plans are different, that the topics of conversation change ... But good friends always have an advantage: that nothing can separate us. I will tolerate with good face that your children leave some organic residue on my new scarf and they will not reproach me for calling my last trip when they are in bedtime. Why, with authentic friendship, you can't even an army of babies.

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