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The whole truth about the effect of aphrodisiac foods on our sex life

Both sexual life and food are aspects of our life that are surrounded by myths, rumors and different beliefs. Of course, when we combine both aspects - sex and food - we also find myths. Some of them most extravagant.

At this stage, everyone has ever heard that aphrodisiac foods exist and it is even possible that after having consumed some of them in certain circumstances, we felt more in tune. However, does this have any scientific basis? Or is it pure placebo?

The (or not) aphrodisiac power of different foods

Surely you already have in mind some of those foods that are supposed to be aphrodisiacs and capable of encouraging any sex life. Well, you are not the only ones. Those same foods had the researchers of the West and Krychman team in mind when four years ago they decided to investigate the supposed exciting properties of some foods regulars in our kitchen and discover how much there really was. They found conclusions for everything.

Chocolate: high in tyramine and low in sexual arousal

Chocolate is the alleged aphrodisiac by nature. In fact, there are those who say that it is even the perfect substitute for sex. The myth is because chocolate contains a substance known as tyramine, biogenic amines, phenylethylamine and fatty acids that may cause our serotonin levels to rise.

But nevertheless, our joy in a wellThe reality is that research in this regard has not found that chocolate has any kind of effect improving our sexual desire.

Cinnamon and other spices with "aphrodisiac potential"

Spices are also known for their aromatic powers, which could activate our desires just by sniffing them. The reality is that, among all of them, only cinnamon has shown some "aphrodisiac potential" in some research, but the conclusions were not definitive and it is pointed out that, for the moment there is no evidence that really works.

Oysters: the delicacy of romantic dates

There is no romantic date worth its salt that does not contain oysters. At least in the cinema, because in real life they are at an unthinkable price. In theory, the zinc and serotonin present in these oysters they would elevate our sexual desire almost to infinity and also improve vigor. A little jewel

How much real in this myth? Well, according to scientific research, Little or nothing. Although that is no reason to stop eating them if we can afford them.

Well they say that most of our sexuality is in the brain, and they are not wrong. Part of the excitement, of course, comes from the body and its nerve endings, but another large part is in our brain. In how we think, how we feel, if we are locked, stressed, etc.

In the specific case of concrete, some theories related to the placebo effect could explain why for some people they are stimulating. Among other things, Some foods have an aspect that can remind you of a sexual organ so that when consumed we associate it with the practice of sex, thus increasing our sexual arousal thanks to the memory.

On the other hand, the very fact that in our culture some foods are considered aphrodisiacs can make us perceive it as such and make us, in a specific context, make us feel more excited. In the end, think about sex excites and either by resemblance or by cultural learning, these foods can remind us of sexual activity.

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