Kim Kardashian expands the business by launching her own collection of reducing underwear

What a shaky Spanx Kim Kardashian arrives with her new line of reducing underwear whom he has called Kimono. Yes the socialite She has decided to expand her lucrative business further with a product that, among many other celebrities, she popularized herself.

In this way, it reaches the general public Kimono Solutionwear, a collection loaded with reducers in the form of bodys, panties, bras, ... based on Kim's own needs and even with very curious formats ...

Because this kind of culottes reducers have not left anyone indifferent, those in which we only observe a single leg and the other not and that are specially designed for those outfits that have a pronounced lateral opening, making sure that we are not going to teach the secrets that hide under the skirt.

A big bet that will soon be for sale online and will feature sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL, adjusting to all types of bodies and will be available in nine different shades to satisfy not only all bodies, but also all needs.

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