This is Pilar Rubio's wedding dress: a disappointing design

The wedding of the year has finally arrived. Much has been said about link of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio. At last the great day has come. The couple is going to say yes in the Cathedral of Seville, accompanied by More than 500 guests. The couple, who have 8 years of relationship and have three children in common, have finally decided to formalize their love story. As in any wedding worth its salt, the protagonist is the bride and the moment in which she arrives at the church dressed in white where the best kept secret is finally revealed: wedding dress.

Pilar has opted for a Wedding dress with too many glitters. At night we could say. A mermaid silhouette model, striking neckline and tight waist very unflattering, loaded with sequins, mirrors and embroidery, and accompanied by a long tail of Zuhair Murad. The bride has opted for a veil also with details of rhinestones. A choice that we didn't like at all.

A look with excess of glitters that has completed with long earrings, hair collected with two braids and a bouquet of black coves nothing successful and very risky. As footwear has opted for platform sandals. A wedding style with very rocky touches.