Rihanna, Dior and the futuristic glasses

There is no one to stop Rihanna, and we don't just talk about her career as a singer. Since she was named Creative Director of Puma, her collections in the sports firm - Believe it or not - they have succeeded and have sold out in a short time. And now the singer from Barbados is allied with the maison Dior to launch a futuristic glasses collection and most exclusive.

Difficult to digest designs with astronomical prices: the most affordable models will have a starting price of $ 850, while the most expensive model - based on 24 karat gold - will be available for the mere price of $ 1,950. How could it be otherwise, she is a claim making the campaign focus on her person.

Rihanna, the collection

If you are one of those who at this point in the game you were wondering what this new collection was going to be called, don't squeeze your head anymore. Rihanna Easy, simple, simple and direct. A total of six different versions make up this new collection where eye-catching hues take part in the attention.

These new models will go on sale at the beginning of June, what do you think of the final result?

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