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Wide hips will never be a problem with these tricks

If you enter any online store, most models have very little to do with the women we see on the street. And I'm not talking about a large size, but a normal size, a 38, 40, 42, which has the wide hips. He guitar or pear type, in short, with wide hips and narrow waist is very common among Spanish and Latin women, but it does not look anything like drained hips models that show us clothes from the screen. But wide hips have a lot of potential, you just have to implement some tricks to take advantage of them.

Skirt or pants in black

Probably, your size is smaller than the lower part of your body. So you have to compensate the silhouette, hiding the hips, ass or wider legs with dark clothes and better in plain than in print, while we can choose tops or t-shirts with more striking prints, lighter and more vivid colors such as gold, blouses with frills or ties that add volume, etc. Skirts and black pants are our best allies to wear.

Better with flight

The ideal silhouette to wear at all hours is the one that marks the waist and moves away from the body on the legs, that is, those skirts with flight in the style of the 50s that are so feminine. Is about mark waist, which is usually quite narrow compared to the hips.

The shirt dresses Fitted above and with volume below you will also be luxurious, and if the dress does not create that silhouette, do it yourself with the help of a wide belt.


Long blazers

The long jackets, below the hips, can help us achieve great office looks. As for the pants, the best cut is the rectum, so never throw away the most classic jeans.

Dresses that emphasize the shoulders

If you have wide hips, you can show off, of course. It is not about going inlaid like Kim Kardashian (or yes, if you feel like it), but about enhancing other areas of the body, such as the shoulders. On the red carpet, America Ferrera bet on the strapless neckline or the halter neckline to focus attention on the upper body.

Instead of becoming obsessed with all the trends that make us feel bad, we should focus on those that best suit us and favor us the most. Fashion should be a help to see us better.

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